ISAAC Simulation®

ISAAC Simulation® is a 3D Simulator focused on supporting industrial projects. Because it is integrated to the database of other project management systems, the ISAAC Simulation® has multiple features, among which we highlight: 3D model coloring according to status allowing the visualization of the site’s construction and assembly stage; display of structure, machinery and equipment data with the capability to access technical documents; handling of 3D objects and 4D visualization that allow users to follow the work progress compared to the schedule.

ISAAC also permits the access of multiple users simultaneously, making it possible for technicians located in different places to interact in a 3D model at the same time, and even visualizing the changes in real time. Other important features in the simulator are the graphic quality, fluidity of movements, and speed of rendering.

The competitive edge in comparison to other products for industrial model visualization is the simulation of physics, and this is where the name of the system comes from. With this functionality, planners and technicians of Construction and Assembly will be able to add a crane, for example, and simulate its operation and direction to move loads or equipment.

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